When friends introduce new friends

Everything started out like you could imagine every successful friend- and partnership to begin. We got a first idea on who Josh, Mikey and Taylor from NakedElephant could be about two months ago, when our good friend Sacha was in Hamburg and visited us in our office. As our conversation ended up being very inspirational but at the same time very Utopian we didn’t have any high hopes on being involved in a production of this kind. Sacha was telling us the band was signed earlier this year by a big label and had planned to do a massive 360 video production for their album. We knew our friends from Spice VR and Spherie were involved and as we don’t have anything to do with 360° filming we wanted to show the band what we were doing.

All of this happened before our technical beta and therefore we didn’t want to just send Sacha our app (it wasn’t ready to be shown yet) to show it to the band. As fate would have it, Josh and Taylor were visiting our friends in Hamburg one month later and this was a great opportunity to meet.

The First Meetings

After philosophizing about life & it’s purpose, music, food, technology, playing 3 hours of table tennis and robo recall, we started to talk about different opportunities for all of us in the future. We were also able to show the band the Social Demo of our app which we haven’t released yet and they were blasted away. We tried to figure out a date to get the band back to Hamburg by the end of July to record them in our green room – but as always things were supposed to come differently.

Even though all of us were ill that night before we decided to hang out again the next day. A lot of Tequila and Mario Kart were involved but at the latest by the end of the day we were sure we must work together. Saying goodbye was sad but at the same time we were all full of hopes for some great stuff coming up in the future.

The Follow Up

About two weeks later I got a call from Josh who had very specific plans on how the video they wanted to produce should look like. He was telling me that they couldn’t make it to Hamburg in July because of the production but invited us to come to Vienna where the production was going happen. He said that they are going to rent a castle and there will be enough rooms to setup our studio. Although all of this seemed to be very challenging we decided to do it. And hell yeah, was that one good decision. Our trip started at the 25Hours Hotel in Vienna where we got together with the band. Mikey wasn’t there yet but we were really looking forward to meeting him. The next day we went to the production at Ronacher Theater in Vienna, where Jörg could 3D-Scan the complete theater before the video shoot even started. The shooting was amazing, a group of Austrian dancers did an amazing performance around the 360° cam (which they just learned few moments before) inside the theater and even though time was very limited everybody stayed cool and all the shots were done in time.

The Castle

Next stop was the “Schloss Wasserburg”. A castle about one hour away from Vienna. A huge and impressive castle, which was supposed to be an event location, an accommodation, act as a photo and film studio and of course just a place where everybody felt comfortable. And words can’t describe how comfortable we all felt in there. Since the very beginning the vibes we could create as a group were just amazing. Everybody involved was so good in whatever they were doing that nobody ever questioned anything at any time. We all came along perfectly, we were all helping one another and the results are just insane. I think all of us created about two years of social media content in a few days. And all of us, I’m sure, can call themselves friends of some amazing people they didn’t know before.

I want to point out, that Jörg and me are grateful for all these happenings. And if we learned something from this. Sometimes it’s just the right thing to go with your gut. Thanks guys!

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Fabio Buccheri
CEO @NOYS VR; #vr & #ar evangelist, music producer & spatial sound artist 🎶 working with #cubase & #fmod, love playing 🎸& 🎹, co-founder @VRHQ & @spatialists
October 18, 2019
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