Jazz in VR?

ELBJAZZ is a two-day international music festival in the Hamburg harbor with around 30.000 visitors and took place on June 1st and 2nd of this year.

ELBJAZZ Festival; Photo: Dario Dumancic

This year, ELBJAZZ premiered an additional virtual stage for its fans, which transports the festival into the digital and virtual world.

Jazz fans from all over the world can visit this ELBJAZZ themed world in our Oculus Rift app and enjoy the first concert from June 9th on. 

The outstanding trumpeter Nils Wülker, who will be accompanied by Edward Maclean on bass and Arne Jansen on the guitar, will be our debut artist on this new stage. Everything takes place on a virtual festival space and will feature all the famous and memorable details of the Hamburg harbor and the imposing scenery of the Blohm+Voss shipyard which is only accessible once a year for the public.

Initiated by the ELBJAZZ founder Nina Sauer, the show was created in collaboration with Hamburger Volksbank, Warner Music, Wanderlust Entertainment, Blohm+Voss and the ELBJAZZ festival organizers. For the visitors of ELBJAZZ, the show was accessible as an exclusive multiplayer experience during the whole festival.

The NOYS VR booth @ ELBJAZZ powered by Hamburger Volksbank; Photo: Carsten Christians

Furthermore, we had the chance to present the project in more detail on stage. The session was moderated Sarah Seidel (NDR), who did a wonderfull job introducing the project and its partners on stage. We even had the honour to welcome Nils Wülker himself on stage, who talked about the whole production from an artists' perspective.

NOYS VR presentation on stage f.l.t.r. Sarah Seidel (NDR), Heidi Melis (Hamburger Volksbank), Nils Wülker, Fabio Buccheri; Photo: Carsten Christians

We had an amazing time during the festival and are really looking forward to releasing the concert on our platform. We also want to thank all our partners, who made this possible. A special thanks goes out to Nina Sauer, who initiated this concert in the first place and to our helpers, who did an incredible job at the booth during the festival! We are stoked about the feedback we got from all the jazz fans and can see VR playing an important role for the festival landscape in the future.


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Fabio Buccheri
CEO @NOYS VR; #vr & #ar evangelist, music producer & spatial sound artist 🎶 working with #cubase & #fmod, love playing 🎸& 🎹, co-founder @VRHQ & @spatialists
October 18, 2019
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