NOYS VR Leaving Early Access with Multiplayer, Oculus Avatars and New Concerts

NOYS VR Leaving Early Access with Multiplayer, Oculus Avatars and New Concerts

On November 29th, NOYS VR will leave Early Access and release a new update for their Oculus Rift & Rift S platform. This update will contain several features and improvements as well as three new thrilling concert experiences.

Multiplayer and Oculus Avatars

From November 29th on NOYS VR users will have the chance to invite up to three friends into the virtual venues provided by the platform. They can use their existing Oculus Avatars to interact and move around the beautifully designed worlds. The concerts are equipped with different interactive elements which can be manipulated during the experiences.

Three Thrilling Concert Experiences

Michael Wollny Trio is one of Europe’s most respected trios in the jazz scene. Since their debut album "call it[em]" the trio has a central role in Wollny's musical universe. For the virtual edition of the Elbjazz Festival, NOYS VR was not only able to bring the festival shipyard into the VR but enhanced it with surrealistic elements to breathe life into the environment. Michael Wollny Trio are playing the four pieces “Big Louise”, “Phlegma Fighter”, “Der Wanderer” & “Gravité”. The content is licensed by ACT Music, while the endeavor is supported and sponsored by Yamaha Music Europe & Hamburger Volksbank.

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Ripe & Ruin are an upcoming alternative-rockband from Hamburg. Their riff-oriented songs are always on the edge of two extremes. They will, in one moment, captivate the listener with their calm melodies before abruptly opening up and exploding into tough and intriguing hooks. Next to their biggest hit “Clarity”, the band is performing “Gatekeeper” and “Get Rid”. The virtual concert takes place in a dystopian VR city, which includes fighting titans, a large laser show and even more surprises. Ripe & Ruin are releasing their new album “Everything for Nothing” on January 24th through Dock 7 Records.

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Martin Tingvall is a Swedish pianist who moves equally among categories such as film scoring, classical music, jazzand pop. His new album “The Rocket” sets itself apart from all his previous work, due to an even greater degree of weightlessness and lightness, without ever drifting into the trivial and banal. On NOYS VR, Martin Tingvall performs his single “The Rocket III” on three pianos, which surround the user audio-visually. On this engaging piano trilogy, the participants will be able to live this experience during a space trip through different dimensions.To celebrate his new single remix “The Rocket in Space”, users can freely transition between the two versions of the song by interacting with the environment. After two months of topping the German Jazz Charts “The Rocket”, released through Skip Records, is still in the Top 10 after four months. “The Rocket in Space” will be the artists' first VR single release and be also available on all common download/streaming platforms and as a limited 12-inch vinyl beginning November 29th.

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NOYS VR is Available on Oculus Store

NOYS VR can be downloaded for Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S through the Oculus Store. At the same time, the company is starting a beta version for the Oculus Quest. Owners of the Quest can apply for the beta through the NOYS VR website from mid December on.

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November 19, 2019
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