Oculus Release & Shoutout

Oculus Release & Shoutout

NOYS VR for free in the Oculus Store

People, it happened. We released NOYS VR in early access on Rift. Even better, we managed to release it for free! You can download it HERE.

The last few weeks were a wild trip involving a lot of coffee and sleepless nights. But this doesn't matter now, we're online since December 14th and here is our trailer:


The current version features two concerts, one of them being performed on our "Tropic Stage" by the WMG DJ Duo Stupid Goldfish...

We are very excited about the announcement of our partnership with Warner Music and want to especially thank Marec Lerche for the support from the first day we met. For the release we were able to get the DJ Duo "Stupid Goldfish" on board, who just released their new single "No Better Love" a few weeks ago. They perform on our "Tropic Stage", a virtual venue on which we will host several electronic artists in the future!

Screenshot of the Stupid Goldfish concert on "Tropic Stage"

...the other one is taking place in "The Cave" with our good friend and pioneer singer songwriter Tom Klose

You can access the second concert after creating a NOYS VR account in the application. This one is hosted by Tom Klose. He is a very talented and professional singer songwriter from Hamburg, who was working with us for the past months, while helping us a lot in terms of R&D and functionalities on the musician side. Tom's concert was already available in our closed beta and got a few refinements for the Early Access release. It takes place in "The Cave", an environment we created together based on Tom's creative input.

Screenshot of the Tom Klose concert in "The Cave"

Besides the two concerts, you have access to the artists' lobbies. These are virtual venues, which enable artists to present their content from other sources outside of VR. Artists can for instance place existing music videos on a virtual projector or place their biography in these lobbies.

Screenshot of the Tom Klose Artist Lobby

We're currently working on a multiplayer update, that will enable you to invite your friends to the concert recordings as well as an avatar system that will allow you to choose or customize your avatar.

Screenshot of Avatar "Pete" in Stupid Goldfish Lobby

We want to thank Oculus for promoting our release in the store and also in a blog post. We never expected so much support from you guys - Thanks for your help!

In this context our team wants to thank everybody, who was helping us out during development, creation, organization, promotion, mentoring, R&D or anything else that got us to this point over the last two years. Without you, all of this would have never been possible:

Hannah Paulmann - 3D Artist
Tim Mayer - Technical Artist
Nikita Grabin - PR
Dominic Eskofier - Mentor & VR Guru
Jenny Kornmacher - Local Partner @Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft
Sacha Tueni - Mentor
Prof. Dr. Michael Theede - Mentor @Macromedia
Ricard Gras - Mentor
Jule Koller - Artist
Maik Guo aka "Animenz" - Artist
Felix Striegler aka "Fool" - Artist
"Naked Elephant" - Artist
"John Monday" - Artist
Tom Klose - Artist
Stupid Goldfish - Artist
Liv Bicheler - Artist
Reinher Karl - Legal
Benjamin Gallagher - Spatial Sound Engineer
Aaron Davies -  Partner @Oculus
Isabel Tewes - Partner @Oculus
Julia Osterried - A&R Manager
Marec Lerche - Partner @Warner Music
Sara Lisa Vogl - Mentor and part time actress
Sascha Richter - Videograph
Redpinata - Partner & Pony Farm
Susanne Ahmadseresht - Partner @nextReality.Hamburg
Simon Graff - Partner @nextReality.Hamburg
Tim Wedemann - Partner @Internetinnovations
Spice VR - Partner
VR Nerds - Partner
Nicole Laux - Partner @XMG
Ottavia Tomarchio - Partner @Mindspace
Lena Buecker 
XR BASE - Partner
Marco DeMiroz - @VRFUND
Nils Neumann - Mentor and Partner @TUTECH

Thank you from the NOYS VR team. We wish you a good start into 2018!

(L-R) Annabelle Adamek, Fatih Inan, Fabio Buccheri, Pascal Kuemper, Joerg Kahlhoefer
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Fabio Buccheri
CEO @NOYS VR; #vr & #ar evangelist, music producer & spatial sound artist 🎶 working with #cubase & #fmod, love playing 🎸& 🎹, co-founder @VRHQ & @spatialists
October 18, 2019
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