Oculus Closed Beta Rollout

Hey people,

we're very happy we started our beta roll out last Friday! The feedback we're getting from you guys online and on events is amazing.

We planned some great new features and new content for the following weeks. If you are an owner of a rift and haven't applied for our beta yet, you can still do it here.
After the application process we need to type in your account data into the Oculus back end manually, so please consider this to take about 24 hours.

Once on board you can access the application directly through the Oculus Store. We then provide you with the login data for our beta forum where you can post your ideas or report bugs.

Looking forward to meet you in VR!


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Fabio Buccheri is CO-Founder of NOYS VR. His responsibilities are business development and music management. He studied media management and worked as a producer, artist manager and sound designer for the past five years. Besides A&R Management, the focus of his work lies on the effects of live music performances in virtual environments as well as their spatial audio implementation.
January 5, 2018
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