Ripe & Ruin Rocking NOYS VR

Ripe & Ruin Rocking NOYS VR

Rock n Roll 

Okay, this one’s special. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate any other artist performing on our platform, but first, this is the first rock concert coming out on NOYS VR - FINALLY! Secondly, these guys from Hamburg remind me a lot of a band a once worked with really closely - in terms of attitude, work ethics, and style.

This is Ripe & Ruin

Nostalgia is not the main reason for my excitement, though. It’s their music that exhilarates me. If I had to describe Ripe & Ruin, I would rather say that their riff-oriented songs are always on the edge of two extremes. It will, in one moment, captivate you with their calm intimacy before abruptly opening up and exploding into a tough hook with intriguing melodies. Every song gives you the feeling that these guys are meant to be great. This is the reason why I highly suggest that you listen carefully. You can do this while reading the rest of this article!

copyright: Tino Rieger

The Recording 

We first met Gordon, Jannis, and Flo over a year ago, when we were still located at our old friend’s office from Redpinata. After showing them all our previous content, we all knew that this had to be done. The entire recording was challenging due to the limitations that our studio and equipment had back then and the fact that this was one of the first recordings, including drums. We hadn’t made many stereoscopic tests with drums, and we also didn’t know how the footage would behave in VR.

In The Meantime

In the meantime, many things had happened (read about it here). This was why we stopped working on the concert. Weknew that we would have something amazing up our sleeve. So, we decided topublish the show with our November update. A great time to do it, as it turnsout, as the guys are about to release their new album “x” on January 24th andhave just released two singles “Bleed Me Out” and “Drop Your Knife” with thethird one “Greed” to be released on November 15th.

When and Where?

Be excited for a rock fest in a dystopian VR city, where next is a fantastic band, where you will meet fighting titans, a large laser show, and more surprises on NOYS VR.

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Fabio Buccheri
CEO @NOYS VR; #vr & #ar evangelist, music producer & spatial sound artist 🎶 working with #cubase & #fmod, love playing 🎸& 🎹, co-founder @VRHQ & @spatialists
October 18, 2019
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