The state of NOYS VR

The state of NOYS VR

Today I want to deep dive into our update scheduled for November 29th. This update means a lot to us, because we will remove all our existing content and basically start from scratch, while only holding dear to the idea behind NOYS VR. Most of the things that we created since we started our Early Access have been under the hood changes, workflow improvements and tweaking the business model.

We learned a lot from our past and want to thank you for the support we received

The three major reasons behind a complete overhaul are not just the fact that our team has a lot more experience but also have we found the following things important: A strong code base that supports hundreds of new releases, loads of new concerts already planned and preproduced to maintain regular content updates as well as the ability to connect your friends and music lovers. We already looked into the past more than enough, this is why I’m proud to show you what is next!

We’re leaving early access and will charge the app from now on

If you want to learn more, please check our blog post here.

You’ll be able to invite your friends through your Oculus friend list

Jump into our app and invite up to 3 more friends to join you on exploring three all new concerts that will be available right from the start. While this is not a necessity, it will be way more fun!

Enjoy three new concerts

We changed the way our concerts and stories are being made. Most of these changes are in fact not visible to you, but you can be sure that our new pipeline allows us to provide you more content while managing a good balance between "app-Size" and quality. Read about the content update over here!

The interactions are now tied to concerts, our tools are removed from the app

We are still looking into a way to bring our fun little tools back, but for now everything you can do is tied and exclusive to the respective concerts. This allows us to immerse you more in what the musicians create.

Movement and navigation is way more streamlined

Focusing on specific areas, in which you have a selected amount of place to move around, allowed us to improve quality and bring the focus back to the music. This means that we reduced the navigation space and removed teleportation, as many of you were requesting.

Implementation of Oculus Avatars

We want you to be you, so we made sure to allow your customized avatar to be part of immersive concert experiences. If you have not customized your avatar yet, this will be a good time to suit up!

A living space

The biggest feature of all is something that we will need your trust on. New concert experiences, interactions, features, environments! If you are going to be one of our new users hitting that buy button, we make a promise to increase the value and to add new content in the following weeks and months to come.

But wait there is more...

On November 29th we'll also start gathering beta users for our NOYS VR: Quest release. This means that you will be able to watch the same content, use the same interactions and meet the same people within a standalone and wire free headset (at home or wherever you want). We love the Quest so much that our complete app was tweaked to allow NOYS VR to be on the platform without any compromise.

Remember to check our website on the 29th to be one of the first! Also make sure to hit that follow button on the top of our page if you want us to inform you in the future. I'm very excited for what’s to come and I hope I could at least spark some interest ;).

PS: If you are still wondering what QUEST means check this: (courtesy of Oculus).

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Fatih Inan
Fatih Inan (28) is CO-Founder of NOYS VR. He is a professional interaction designer, programmer and the main developer in the team. His work focuses on the interaction between humans and software. Before NOYS VR, Fatih worked as a freelancer for eight years and started to work on virtual reality projects in 2013.
November 22, 2019
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