Virtues and Realities in Las Vegas

Virtues and Realities in Las Vegas

Even far before my first visit, Las Vegas always felt like a “city scaled” wonderland. A place where everything revolved around the art of show making. When I found myself walking down the strip a few years back I wouldn’t have thought to come back to this place with anything else than the intention to search for entertainment and fun. 

Everything changed when our friends from NakedElephant invited us to Las Vegas again.

View out of our Hotel Window

It was impossible for me to understand that there is actually a very vibrant community that emerges around the mystery and overly saturated image of the city. People and families full of interesting stories and passion. In this few days, we were part of one of these stories by meeting the people involved with the Band NakedElephant. They celebrated their signing with VirginEMI.

This celebration went down on Friday evening with a reception at Fergusons Downtown followed by a show at The Bunkhouse right next door.

The Reception & First Show

have to get used to this kind of events ;)We mayright ?

Hidden behind lots of street art, sculptures, and “las vegas special” neon signs we found ourselves standing on the lawn at Fergusons Downtown. Between a beautiful house and a dozen of shiny Jetstreams, we had the job to set up our VR stations with the help of VR Arcade, one of the local teams working hard on bringing the tech into the city. We showcased something we worked really hard on the past few days. We call this experience “Rescue Russel”. It is in someway an experiment for us to find connections between our vision of fan engagement in the coming years and the current state of the music industry.

But before I give you some Images to look at, let me add some lines about NakedElephant. If you read our previous story, I’m sure you noticed that those guys are quite far ahead when it comes to merging tech with music. With that, I don’t mean that because we are using 360 and Virtual Reality. It is really more about being heavily invested in finding new applications and ways to give fans and friends a better, more emotional and more immersive way to connect.

One of the naked NakedElephants

When they talk about playing a show, it’s never just a set of several songs spiced with an encore at the end. They talk about the “package”. I’ll leave it to them to explore and reveal what is inside of that, but I can share with you that we will see more and more clever musicians working this way. 

Virtual Reality at the Downtown Beerfestival

Amazing stage and a powerful concert. Virtual Reality at a merch stand in between hundreds of people and a lot of craft beer. 

‍Do we really have to add anything to it? Yes, it was really awesome!

Rescue Russel

It’s a VR game with the task to rescue small elephants called “Russel”. If you rescue a certain amount after two rounds you will be rewarded with a discount for merchandise – whether it's virtual or real. The story behind the game is that Russel is caught in life like environments and needs to be relocated to the Jungle. All of this is heavily inspired by the fact that NakedElephant themselves use parts of their revenue to help Elephants in the real world. Want to check it out? Look out for any hints on social media on where to find it next.

Hey, I'm Russel!

Phew, so much that will follow after this. Right after Las Vegas we headed towards the VRDAYS 2017 in Amsterdam. We enjoyed meeting the family, friends, and fans of NakedElephant.

It is still unbelievably amazing to be able to show virtual reality and ideas to all kinds of people, we had a few special moments here that we will surely remember :)

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Fatih Inan
Fatih Inan (28) is CO-Founder of NOYS VR. He is a professional interaction designer, programmer and the main developer in the team. His work focuses on the interaction between humans and software. Before NOYS VR, Fatih worked as a freelancer for eight years and started to work on virtual reality projects in 2013.
November 22, 2019
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