Stupid Goldfish and the golden Halo

very well attended over 2 days

The VRDays are one of Europe’s biggest VR focused conference and exhibition space with very selectively curated speakers and a highly diversified selection of exhibitors. In addition, there was a space solely for selected VR experiences - really good stuff! We are always happy if VR is represented with as much variety as possible. And let’s not forget about the dolphin pool and all the people jumping into this pool to swim with dolphins in 360 - for a good cause. We surprisingly met a lot of our friends from Hamburg and want to say thank you to Nextreality Hamburg for bringing us to the VRDAYS as part of their XR booth. You could find us there, together with the startup VREED (check them out!)

The Exhibition

we showed our newest release to a great diversity of people and received excellent feedback! ( made a lot of people dance! )

We displayed our newest collaboration with the DJ Duo "Stupid Goldfish" (we will publish a dedicated post for that) for 2 players to enjoy. Pascal had the opportunity to join the Base Investor Event that was set up by VRBase. Shout out to our friends there - They work on one of the most important topics for Europe’s advances in virtual reality: Money for startups!

We had a lot of fun exhibiting - it was also the first time we were able to showcase this freshly baked experience with the world (we are about to release it for everybody to enjoy).

a little insight into our hacking space - classy!airbnb

The Conference

There were a lot of great talent, but I want to specifically point some out:

We liked the talk from Force Field, an Amsterdam based development company sitting at the cutting edge of great VR games and experiences. They talked about their connection with oculus their upcoming HMD. More interestingly they compared expectations of 2015 with today. While the media and most of the players had far to high expectations, they pointed out nowadays there is a much more dedicated community of creators and investors, that can work on their ideas without the distracting buzz. Thanks to Martin for the insights from the perspective of successful developers!

One of the surprising moments of the conferences for us was the introduction to Guardians efforts in VR through Francesca Panetta. If you haven’t looked their work up yet, do it! We did the mistake way to often to deem journalism work as just simple 360 footage and over usage of buzzwords. She showcased highly interactive stories and experiences like "Sea Prayer" with the writer Khaled Hosseini, which basically tells a story using Tiltbrush paintings (much like Dear Angelica). Another one is "Crime Scene", an amazing experience in which you have to find clues of a recreated real crime scene with the help of a crime scene manager to learn and understand how the forensic teams work. I encourage you to check out the speakers and their work at

Pascal pitching at the Base Investor Event

The vrdays ended with the first edition of halo awards. Their program to point towards projects across several categories in the VR industry.

The Award

We are proud to announce that we were honored with the Golden Halo Award in the category "Future"! Thanks to everybody that made this possible.

You can look at the full list of winners here and at some cool pictures here.

We will definitely join VRDAYS next year and hope to see you there!

This will not be our last event in 2017, there is at least one more to come.
We will drop some hints about that on social media.

Thanks for reading - stay tuned for some news on what is actually going on with the beta, our newest partnerships and future plans.

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Fatih Inan
Fatih Inan (28) is CO-Founder of NOYS VR. He is a professional interaction designer, programmer and the main developer in the team. His work focuses on the interaction between humans and software. Before NOYS VR, Fatih worked as a freelancer for eight years and started to work on virtual reality projects in 2013.
November 22, 2019
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