When an idea comes up...

When an idea comes up...

It’s not about possessively searching for an idea that is good enough to be implemented into your future business. It’s rather about an idea that comes to you, hits you and gets stuck in your head. With all your passion and curiosity concerning this vision, you might imagine how to turn it into a running business.

If looking at the music industry, every player is aware that a musician’s job is often described as being invidious, especially at the beginning of the journey. Technological progress seems to ease up certain steps by empowering artists to record themselves, promote themselves with videos, social channels and so on. In other words - musicians are given opportunities to manage themselves.

However, self-management often distracts musicians from doing what they are meant to do - being creative.

So, what do we have? On the one hand, we have a business where artists need to jump on a train full of agents, bookers, managers and locals, to enable them to perform. On the other, modern technology offers a “do-it-yourself approach” which trades the artists time for saved money. The time that you as an artist are supposed to transform into value, must be spent on content, because without content there will be nothing to manage.

This is a very rough model and it does not affect the idea at all. The idea is creation. To open your mind to your imagination, to get use and benefit from it. NOYS VR has the idea of musicians that play all over the world, in any environment they want, while having no borders, no physical obstacles. These features allow them to interact with their listeners, whereas they compete through different media than known today as well as in the context of creativity. NOYS VR is not solving the problem of losing time on strategic promotion, if doing it on your own, we suggest spending the time using an innovative and "instrumentalized" tool. A tool that completely redefines the imaginable limit and intensifies the connection between artists and fans.

Musicians can make their dreams come true while playing on fantasy stages, which they can create on their own. They perform from their homes in front of the listeners, who are spread all over the world, they don’t even need to use anything more than the hardware they already own. You can join these concerts and enjoy a complete live performance in places you have never been before.

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