You can play live instantly
on the stage of your fantasy
your fans will be there
in virtual reality

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NOYS VR knows how hard you work on your art and that you deserve a lot more appreciation than you receive most of the time.

We believe that your creativity and the creativity shared by millions of music artists every day, has a huge impact on our quality of life.

That is what we appreciate and want to support.


Did you know that in the past few years the live-music-sector has evolved to be the main source of income for many musicians? 

No wonder, the connection between you and your fans during a concert is a very pure and satisfying kind of experience.

Let's have more of that!


Right now music videos and spectacular light and stage shows are the only tools given to artists to visually express their thoughts and music.

But what if we tell you that you could play live in VR without ANY creative boundaries?


The growing quantity of artists in relation to the number of music venues poses a problem:

It becomes more and more difficult to obtain a booking-deal that dignifies your hard work and pays your bills.

NOYS VR concerts are a new way to play live concerts. In VR there are no kind of problems like receiving a booking deal and travelling to music venues.

Neither conventional livestreaming services nor 360 videos as an alternative can fully satisfy  this desire.