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Install / update errors on Oculus Home
This is commonly a permissions or security issue. You may want to try disabling anti-virus and (if that doesn't work) reinstall the Oculus app to a better folder with proper permissions (for example, something like E:/Oculus would probably work fine).
   - Restart your PC
   - Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date
   - Ensure all Windows updates or pending updates are installed 
   - Uninstall & Reinstall NOYS VR

If you are still unable to resolve the issue after trying all of the above steps please send us your Oculus Home logs while you are experiencing this error: 

- Follow instructions for 'Troubleshooting the Oculus Run Time'
- Choose 'Get All Logs' when asked how much log data you would like to export 

Why does my game crash when I try to open NOYS VR?
We encountered several crashes connected to old graphics drivers.
Please keep them updated at any time!
If you enrolled in the Oculus Home beta channel consider opting out if you encounter any problems.

How much does NOYS VR cost? 
Its free! 

What's the best way to get in touch with NOYS VR?
Check out the 'Contact us' link at the top of this page.

Why do I need
to register with NOYS VR?
- Get access to NOYS VR Home
- Get access to the concert of Tom Klose
- Get access to the artist Lobby of Stupid Goldfish and Tom Klose
- Get the chance to try our avatar system
- Be set for a future multiplayer update
I found a bug! Where should I report it? 
Please use our BUG REPORTS FORM.
Thanks for the help! 

Where are the other players? Can I invite my friends?
Our social features are under development and will be published soon, we count on your feedback to be able to achieve the best result possible.

Do I need an active internet connection?
In the future NOYS VR will rely on an active Internet connection trough the whole app. For our early access you can still watch the selected concert at any time you want! Unlocking the rest of our content now and in the future requires internet connection to be able to log into our systems.

I use my own headphones but i cant hear anything!
Make sure the Oculus Rift is set to be your main Audio Output device on windows. The Audio Mirroring Feature only works reliable with the Oculus integrated headphones attached.

I don't see any artist or visuals!
Make sure you have the Media Player Package installed if you are using Windows 10 N. Otherwise install latest video codecs here.

How do I register with NOYS VR?
On startup you will have the opportunity to click on the button “ Join NOYS VR”. If you are already inside a concert you can always open up the menu with the “Menu” Button on your left controller (three stripes) and click on “Join NOYS VR”

I'm getting a weird stuttering effect in my Oculus
Rift that feels like the world is shaking. What is that? 
This is usually caused by poor frame rate. We're working hard to find all
of the times and places in NOYS VR where this might happen. If you have this happen to you, please let us know as much detail as possible via our BUGREPORTS FORM. Thanks!

I'm getting a lot of crashes or crazy visual
artifacts. What should I do? 
First, let us know as much detail as possible via our BUG
. These are issues we will
work to fix over time during the early access and we need your help / reports!

Is NOYS VR available on other platforms?
Our vision is to bring people from all over the world inside amazing
concerts. Our small team can build a much better experience focusing on a single platform at once. Use our Blog & Mailinglist to stay updated on our advances for the HTC Vive, Windows MR & PSVR!

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